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Go For it! Goemon 3

Updated Jun 1 2020

Go For it! Goemon 2

Updated Apr 17 2020

The Legend of the Mystical Ninja

Updated Mar 27 2020


Jan 20 2020

* * * *

The Old Wise Man gets tired of the women of his time, so he builds a Time Machine so he can hit on women in the future.


Think I'm joking? This is actualy a legit description.

Goemon and Ebismaru were just miding their own business when some weaboo from the west too his love of Japan too far! Now Goemon, Ebismaru, and Sasuke must travel to OEdo to get the Castle back again, but first, Ebismaru needs to stop off at the Japanese food Castle. They didn't have food trucks back then you see.

Beat townspeople with pipes, sticks and noise makers. Bust Ghosts, robot ninjas, and fight LanternMan the rejected Megaman Boss. Play a lottery that you can't possibly lose. And of course something about saving a princess.

Space. Many life forms exist there. Apparently an entire race of Computer Hackers that get in fights with Robots too. Join our red haired hero as he builds robots, sends them out like Pokemon, goes back in time, fights ghosts, Albert Einstein, and more!


The Legend of Zelda (NES)

Dec 30 2019

Super Castlevania 4

Nov 22 2019

Wario Land 1 (Super Mario Land 3)

Nov 1 2019

Phoenix Wright: Justice For All

Sep 11 2019

* * * *

The Princess has been kidnapped by Ganon, and the Triforce of Wisdom has been split up into eight fragments.


Are you a bad enough dude to destroy Ganon and save Princess Zelda?

A retelling of classic tale of Simon "Jojo" Belmont as he beats the crap out flying masks, throws Crucifixes and Holy Water at demons, and makes short work of Vlad Tepes Dio Dracula, the almost easiest boss in the entire game. Because Wario is really manly, he eats a bunch of Garlic, steals treasure, and he fights a Genie and makes him obey his wishes! Can Wario get any more manly? Hopefully Nintendo will make a sequal where he eats Beef Jerky and Chugs Hot Sauce!

Point your finger and shout objection, have a reunion with Nick Rekieta Miles Edgeworth, and unlike the justice system in the real world, get people their verdicts in a timely manner!


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